Story Stream

Media Playback Commands

Learn basic media playback commands while playing story track on your Alexa

Basic Story Playback Commands

In this article, we'll go over some of the commands that you can use while the Alexa is playing a story track, i.e; when your Alexa enabled devices such as Echo, Echo Show or Mobile app is actively playing a story at the moment!

Stop/Pause Playback

While there is an active playback going on, try saying one of the following commands to 'Stop' or 'Pause' the playback.
"Alexa, Stop"
"Alexa, Pause"
"Alexa, Cancel"

Resuming Playback

To resume playback of a story, trying saying the following:
"Alexa, Resume"
Note: When resuming, the Story Stream Skill automatically resumes the playback of the track from where you had left the previous time.

Start over Track

At any time to start over the track from the beginning, try saying any of the following:
"Alexa, Start over"
"Alexa, play from the beginning"

Skip to Next Story

During a story playback, to skip to the next story, try saying the following:
"Alexa, Next"
"Alexa, Go to next"

Go to Previous

During a story playback, to go to the previous story, try saying the following:
"Alexa, Previous"

Fast Forward & Rewind (coming soon!)

This feature is work in progress. Soon you'll be able to say Alexa, forward and the player will forward in the increments of 15 seconds at a time.
We hope you enjoy Story Stream!
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